Oh Stop Your Wining

In response to Andy’s Goode Life Blog

I find it in typical corporate, money-hungry American fashion how something which started out in essence quite SIMPLE and CLEAR (do refer to MG’s websites and contest outlines) is made unnecessarily complicated and frankly bordering on icky, for lack of a better disgusting word.

Unless something’s been changed (beyond extending all deadlines) since the start of Murphy Goode’s search for a new temporary employee to broaden their current internet marketing efforts while establishing new venues and platforms to transport their brand in an entertaining fashion, nowhere has it been officially requested that the hired person reflect the abilities, knowledge, character or other wine industry-guru-ism to the extreme which you folks underline.  If they wanted a Pro Consultant, they’d hire one.  And given VinTank’s price tag is 100k, I’d go with the Lifestyle Correspondent.

The SPIRIT which I understand Kim Farkas refers to, is that of genuinely raw opportunity.  The fun and excitement around this seemingly international offer exist solely because the participants (myself included) are NOT the folks which VinTank obviously seeks to endorse.

To speak metaphorically a moment, the existing “wine blogosphere” as mentioned above is about as interesting and broad as my ass and only visible to a select few at that.  Clearly in relationship to my body as a whole however, there’s more to discover and to love.  Just like wine.  How’s that Todd? 🙂  My point is, Murphy Goode Winery is no newbie thus there’s very little point for them rehashing the same old-same old within the same old wine blogosphere.   They’ve ‘got that’ already.

Consider the millions of young Americans who haven’t even discovered an appreciation for wine yet.  Hello?  Consider the Urban markets and other cultures who just don’t do wine, YET.  That’s what this is all about. Engaging a new audience, young and old.  When I’m Lifestyle Correspondent I’ll be the first one to admit I’M NO EXPERT!  That’s the beauty of it.  That’s why you want to hang with Kim, Andy or me Paul because we’re going to truly discover Sonoma wine country and best of all Murphy Goode products and we’re going to do it together with everyone who encounters and rides our viral wave.  Something which you already know everything about and that might be why you come across as not really getting it.  The folks I interview will be the experts, for example.  The on and offline events which I’ll create, will educate.  The gatherings I attend, will entertain.  The root of the gig is to CORRESPOND. Period.

Regardless of your shortlist, it’s unfortunate that your company doesn’t see the value in supporting any candidate hired by Murphy Goode.  As an entrepreneur, I would be more impressed with your organizations ability to make your 100k offer turn into a million bucks regardless of what you HAVE to work with in the end of all this.  Your politics are, well…your politics.  I can only hope for my sake and almost 700 others, they are not Murphy Goode’s politics.  Otherwise, the game is clearly rigged and many of us have wasted a hell of a lot of time and all this great press/promotion turns into bad press/promotion.  We all know bad news travels 10 times faster and further.

The 10k a month that Murphy Goode offers in my view is not a pay check.  It’s a budget.  And I promise to deliver a production encompassing all their wants, needs and desires.  Again, visit A REALLY GOODE JOB.com in case you forgot.  I can certainly envision having to employ a freelancer of my own (within my working budget) for anything I can’t handle or simply need help with.  That however, can not be determined until I have the job.

If the production is done right, as with the nature of viral media, it will yield rewards for Murphy Goode well beyond the 6 month contract.  If they sell 5000 more bottles of wine next year they’ve certainly recouped their investment.  And they will sell more wine.  I’ll wager they have already.  Goddess knows I’ve bought more.

With all that said (I’ve blogged this as well) I hope I haven’t offended anyone as that’s not my intention.  Clearly this is more in response to VinTank as such yet certainly applies to anyone subscribing to their attempts to influence the outcome of this race.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Kamary Phillips
WCLC in Training


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  1. Ironically first, if you’d been active in Twitter you would have seen that you are on our short list to be possibly be one of our two remaining candidates. The other irony is that both you and Kim Farkas complain about our support campaign and yet both of you have the opportunity to win that support (and neither of you has made any attempt to contact us).

    By the way, we are ok with our path and we welcome HEALTHY discussions. These discussion have no relevance on our decision EVEN if you disagree with our methods.

    MG will pick who they feel is best. Our offer is only a SMALL notation on a long list of things that they will evaluate. And haven’t you seen the candidates we’ve picked? They are loved by all and have done a great job campaigning. They are two that already deserve a job.

    The spirit that Kim and you are talking about still needs to be there. The entertainment value. The human connection aspect. HOWEVER, this is a brave move by MG. Being a wine industry outsider you have no concept of how little the wine industry spends on resources for e-business. We don’t want this to just be an experiment, we want this to be something that works and is replicated by more and more wineries (in different ways of course). Despite the human connect and entertainment value, MG is in business. PERIOD. From OUR perspective, choosing candidates who can do “more than make a video” is key. They need to be able to create and execute strategic plans to distribute content, leverage technology, understand social media, and measure results and HAVE FUN WHILE DOING IT. Despite that last line, the other things can and should not be ignored if the other 700+ people who are not chosen want to get a “perfect wine country job.”

    Kamary – I would ask you that you do a better job not attacking how our firm “get’s it” or not. We are above responding negatively in return and appreciate a difference of opinion and healthy discussions but we don’t appreciate attacks against us for our good intentions (that are at a high cost to us). Instead of negativity, perhaps you should look at the four candidates we work with as ALSO lucky since they all four will probably have wine jobs after this experience (we already have people asking). Perhaps there should be MORE excitement at the “raw opportunity” that our efforts will create by making 4 or 5 “dream jobs” as opposed to only one. Perhaps if one of our candidates is chosen and the program is a success, other wineries will follow suit and create even more jobs. Your threat to spread the word if one of our candidates is chosen is counter-intuitive. You and all the people who don’t win (whether the final person is VinTank 4 or not) should be good losers and throw all your weight and support behind the winner instead of trying to damage this exciting choice by an industry who is slow to adopt the web. Their future success means that more wineries will venture into the digital space and more jobs like this will be created. Whoever wins needs your help more than ours.

    As to turning $100K to $1M no matter who it is would make me a better entrepreneur. Really? So you are telling me that you can turn any program into a success no matter who you are working with? REALLY? Come on. You know that team is the key factor to being able to execute. We are picking candidates that WE have confidence can take our $100K and turn it into multiples of that. That’s not to say that there are many others that are participating that are not qualified or great but we made our choice.

    Your use of the $10 per month is brilliant and perhaps may win you the gig. We don’t mind that you wouldn’t choose to spend it on us as you don’t know us so you have no reference of our ability to contribute or our value. Obviously you’d have a different strategy you want to execute.

    If you want to do better, beat the candidates we choose by executing a better campaign. JUST DO IT. Your efforts are what will get you the job and ANY endorsement you get (from us, or others) can only help you. However, the competition doesn’t rest in our hands at all. It is 1000% MG’s choice. If we can contribute, amen. Just by helping raise the level of play, we have already done our job.

  2. I’ve specifically not commented on this until now having hoped you folks would change your strategy around this campaign. Kudos to your new stand and socially correct approach. Good luck to your applicants and your marketing efforts!
    Kamary Phillips, WCLC In Training

  3. […] reasons, I don’t have to anymore. So, now I can cry out to the bloggerverse my feedback on a heated conversation which took place recently between VinTank and myself. That is not to say that I’m alone in this general topic by any means, however I was directly […]

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