The Goode Countdown Continues Overtime

Winding down.

For some it’s a sad time, particularly those that got completely caught up in the A REALLY GOODE JOB rush. It wasn’t difficult to let happen. I certainly had my moments. A classic Kamary, “Ok, need a break. Back in some hours or maybe tomorrow.” Yeah, right! I’d usually pop back up again with the next hour or so with some nonsense or other to Tweet about. I know, I’m not alone.

I for one am quite happy things are coming to a slow close because only then can we get on to the next phase of all this. DA TAP FIDDY. Or in regular old English terms, The Top Fifty. So, in case you forgot the swing of things;

Countdown dates:

  • June 19: Application period closes
  • June 26: Top 50 candidates chosen
  • July 7: Top 10 announced
  • July 14-18: Final interviews
  • July 21: Candidate selection announced
  • Aug. 15: Report to duty!

Of course I have no substantiating evidence or tangible facts supporting any such claim but I AM GOING TO MAKE DA TAP TIN. I know, at the risk of sounding cocky I say that, however I have seen a great many of the applicants clips and if staying 100% true to the original video requirements is indeed a requirement (including 1 minute or less!), many videos simple do not qualify. Based purely from a technical perspective, I should be in the Top 50. MANY videos don’t nor shouldn’t qualify, according to an MGtv independent poll. Please cast your opinion too!

One thing is certain, I’m happy (as should you be) I’m not the one doing the elimination part. Admittedly, I have several favorite videos and more than a few are well over 60 seconds. But if I were judging, all overtime videos (excluding my friends) would be the first to go. Like I said, be happy I’m not choosing. I wouldn’t even watch the others so I would never have to feel bad for deleting their raw awesomeness. Too bad they didn’t follow directions I’d say, and thus be able to sleep soundly at night. 🙂

It was a real challenge making my video statement in 60 seconds and I know many others feel the same way. So thinking about it like that, I for one hope that following directions is important in the final selection but there’s no way to know that until my ‘MGtv Embedded Reporter’ gets back to me. 🙂 You’ll be the second to know. So stay tuned in to Murphy Goode TV and see just how they do it. Exciting, eh?

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  1. Naturally, like you, we’re torn on the situation; especially since we’re part of that % that went over the 60 second limit. When we produced our video we considered the fact that because we were two people shooting one application video (as opposed to one applicant), we really qualified for 120 seconds, and even considered adding an extra 49 seconds of blooper footage to our original application since we “had the extra time.” That said, we tried to keep our application video as short and sweet as possible: that was the point, right? Ultimately it doesn’t come down to friends, it comes down to the fact that if you’re really qualified to do this job, you should be able to get your point across as quickly and effectively as possible.
    And BTW Kamary, you’d be in our tap fiddy any day!!!

  2. Keep it up babe! I know you gonna make it cause you deserve it!

  3. You are in da tap fiddy — herzlichen Glückwunsch! Kamary, it has been a pleasure so far, let’t pull this off, next goal: top 10…

    Woohoo! I’m so dizzy, I wonder if this is what if feels like to drink goode wine?!

  4. Thanks love! Looking forward to quatschen with you about all this girly. I’m too dizzy right now to think straight. Thanks for your energy and connection!

  5. […] for more exciting developments from me and Murphy Goode TV as I make my way to Healdsburg for some TAP TIN […]

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