Top 10 Finals – Day 2

I certainly can’t say that today started like any other day, although it would be a nice thing.  After a restful, though short, night in my awesome room I’m feeling ready for the world.

We had a great time last night and it was a blast getting to know the others.  Clearly some talented, friendly wonderful folks indeed.

One of my favorite candidates is Rachel.  She’s such a funny and lovely person to be around.  Right for the job?  Not for me to decide but she’d certainly get my vote.  Once she arrived we got on our way to Terra a Lago vineyards for a walk around with David Ready Jr. It was time to fire up the old noggin.


After lunch, it was time for a wine blending seminar with David Ready Jr. and the crew. We were meant to put together our favorite combination of the 3 wines available to us. A Cab, a Merlot and a Petit Verdot.

To learn more, visit MGtv on YouTube!


Wine pouring without pouring could be boring. Fortunately there was so much action going on there wasn’t a chance for that.  Despite what we all tweeted about. we weren’t allowed to pour wine. Um, okay.  Instead, it was a meet and greet session with many of the candidates putting in over time beyond their scheduled shifts.

I was lucky that many of the peeps I’d invited actually showed up at least to say hello. Only a few really stuck around to enjoy a lot of the Goode stuff.  It’s Sunday after all and I can imagine folks had other things to do.  Nonetheless, if you’re reading this THANKS for your support!


Group 1 had to prepare dinner and group 2, including me, are meant to return the favor tomorrow night.  The dinner takes place at the actual house where the lucky applicant will be living for 6 months.  This was a great chance to have a look at my potential new home.

After a great dinner (wonderful job group 1) we played a game of the infamous Liars Dice. Though simple in it’s concept, it takes a long minute to get used to playing it.  

It was a lot of fun but as expected (I’m not much of a gambler) I lost fairly early on.  At least now I have played it and can see that yes, it’s a good fit for my live streaming tournament concept.

For more info, comment to me directly or visit MGtv for more clips!

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