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Got up around 6.45 this morning! Whoa! It was necessary to catch a ride to Healdsburg from San Francisco with a colleague who makes the drive every day. I wanted to visit the Murphy-Goode offices where I was able to get a little work done today, unofficial-like.

Today gave me an opportunity to see behind the scenes and to meet some new and interesting peeps who are part of the backbone of the Jess Jackson empire.

Behind my ‘loaner’ office is one of the many Jackson Vineyards. Next to the building is a wonderful park with a gorgeous fountain. A great escape only seconds away from anyone’s desk, should the need to get away from the fluorescent lighting arise. It certainly did for me.

All in all a great experience and a chance to see how the others do their thing around here. Looking very forward to learning more and ultimately implementing my ideas with the projects currently in discussion involving me. Don’t worry, I can keep a secret. 🙂

Thanks for reading.
Kamary Phillips, EMS


Congratulations To Hardy Wallace

So gang, it’s all over and what a strange trip it’s been! We’re all thrilled at Murphy-Goode’s decision to award Hardy Wallace with A REALLY GOODE JOB! And you should be too. He’s certainly the best person for the gig! Cheers Hardy!

I’ll be slowly creating some closure around this blog but first I need a few days away from all of this wonderfully unique madness. 🙂 I will be spending a few days in San Francisco getting to know a town I last saw back in 1996, so that’s what’s next on my own personal journey.

And for those of you not aware of it, several of the Top 10 candidates, including yours truly Kamary Phillips (me, silly) have been offered A REALLY AWESOME JOB and I dare say for my personal talents and strengths, a much better fit. So look forward to another amazing, exciting and groundbreaking marketing wave from Murphy-Goode Winery including the one and only Kamary Phillips!

And as for “I cannot believe any company would employ you for any public facing role.” as some winey guy named Erik put it… IN YOUR FACE! ‘Nuff said. First beer’s on me dude.

Hardy, you rock! We’re all proud of you. Cheers my friend.

Thanks for reading.
Kamary Phillips, Not the WCLC

Friends vs. Blogging

I recently decided that I would spend time with the candidates tonight, our last night together, instead of publishing the days events which would include all the excitement about the past weekend.  I’m happy about the choice and I’ll get back to completing those drafts/thoughts and more in the near future. Nonetheless, there are loads of relevant clips to check out at Murphy Goode TV|MGtv and there’s simply not enough time in the day for me at the moment.


Kamary Phillips, WCLC

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A Bad Day But Goode Times

As you know, we’re here in Healdsburg at the Murphy Goode camp having our Top Ten Finals, as I call them at least.

Well, my day began with missing the most important flight of the last years of my life I must say. It’s a tight schedule as it is and that happening only made it unreal.

No time to comment beyond that but I’ll be back to this page to fill you all in on the gory details at my earliest convenience. Got to get back to the MG flow as we’re all off to the vineyards in a matter minutes.

Thanks for reading.
Kamary Phillips, WCLC

It’s Goode, But Not A Talent Search!

Despite all the back and forth chatter I’ve encountered where some keep calling A REALLY GOODE JOB campaign from Murphy Goode Winery a contest, it isn’t. Heck, I’ve heard it direct from the upper echelons of the company which confirms it.

Don’t let the scheduled group and individual events ending with a panel of 5 fool ya’. This is no talent contest and none of us are out to win it. We all just want A REALLY GOODE JOB is all. Even those who already have one .

Find out who the finalist is first at Murphy Goode’s site on Tuesday, or right here second.

Thanks for tuning in!

Kamary Phillips, WCLC on the edge

Murphy Goode TV Gets Put On The Spot

So this is what it must feel like for famous folks, huh? Smart and beautiful women wanting to ask you about things you’ve yet to fully understand yourself. Well alright, I could get used to this. INTRODUCING NANCY HUANG and her blog, The Wander
mgtv-wanderkind interview

Funny enough, I didn’t know Nancy was so lovely until after the fact, since it was a text-oriented-phoner and all. Great pleasure all around and I’m honored and flattered to have been asked. Danke Nancy! Visit her blog to learn more about the actual interview whereas I’ll be doing my own video take on it (as usual) during the week periodically.

The Wanderkind struck me as an interesting name since it’s quite n3402205_41039649_5926similar to a great German word I’ve always been partial to; WUNDERKIND. Such a cool word. So, I don’t know if she’s playing off that or not. She’s clever, so likely yes. Ask her!

This is my first official interview since the Murphy Goode Winery HR tracked me down back in May, before the real madness began. It’s a flattering pleasure to be asked on any level and certainly a thrill coming from such a purdy girl!

What I liked most about the experience, which really hasn’t kicked in yet since she’s publishing in a few days, were the types of questions she threw at me. You know, where you actually have to pull an Obama and say nothing for a long moment at first, to think about the right thing to say. You only get one shot most of the time to keep ’em interested.

In this short promo clip, you can get an idea where she’s coming from.

On her blog there will be all of the questions, a dozen or so. Again, some stuff you have to rack your brain a bit to answer. I appreciated the challenge. We both hope you appreciate our efforts and enjoy the result found primarily there and here at MGtv.

Thanks for reading.
Kamary Phillips, WCLC

“It’s All Goode”- The Murphy Goode Song –

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Protected: Playing Dirty Is Never Goode

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If Not Me, Then One Of Them As Top 10

Oh well, I didn’t want to go out ‘like that’ either way but ending the A REALLY GOODE JOB campaign with a bang just didn’t seem to pop off as planned. 😦

Bad enough I was 2 hours late with editing and encoding (minor computer issues) but once I finally got it together YouTube went in to scheduled maintenance (and still is at post time), just as clip 3 from 3 was uploading. It was clear that 7 or 8 people had already started checking out the TOP 10 COUNTDOWN playlist but I’m sure they weren’t particularly pleased to be left hanging.

The point was, to experience my take on the Top 10 before the official results came in on Tuesday morning. As with the Top 50, a few of my picks had actually made it and that from over 1800 videos to choose from. Not bad.

So staying true to my word I will at least post my Top 10 picks right now and when you get a chance, watch the show. Though likely irrelevant when you get around to it. Nonetheless, it was a lot of work from everyone involved and a fine final edit from my end as well. I’m happy with it DESPITE getting Rocky Slaughter’s name wrong. He’s now immortalized as Rusty Slaughter. Ich depp! Almost a perfect production, though overtime.

Here are my pics in no particular order;

  • Taylor Eason #1016
  • Eric Hwang #537
  • Anna-Marie Abell #499
  • Kristina Vera-Phillips #467
  • Todd Havens #751
  • Natash Foy #747
  • Tanya Melillo #746
  • Casey Boshae #611
  • Rachel Reenstra #926
  • Paul Horne #1832

I widdled down my list of 23 to 10.  It was by no means easy going since everyone was totally awesome, however it had to be done.  Watch the MGtv episode to get the real gist of it all.  Meanwhile, here are a mess of stills from the show. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!
Kamary Phillips, WCLC

“It’s All Goode”- The Murphy Goode Song –

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Why I Want A Really Goode Job

*I wrote this weeks ago following my telephone interview, as part of the original application process. Though no longer officially needed I think it’s important information to acknowledge before voting me out of the running.*

Let me begin by impressing upon you, the reader, that more than wanting this job I really need this Goode job. And why should my needs surpass that of any other candidate? Good question. Now let me explain.

Around the height of George Bush Sr.’s shenanigans, when many people were fed up with the direction the country was headed, there was a surge of folks leaving America in search of a better life. I was one of those folks. At that time and that specific place in time I simply didn’t feel as if I belonged here. I migrated with several hundred thousand others to the shores of Europe.

Once there, I established myself within the artist communities of London England and Munich Germany. Though fortunate enough to find success as a Musician and eventually a New Media Content Producer, I always longed to return to the land from which I came. I discovered the hard way just how difficult it is to return ‘home’ beyond that of a simple family visit. I found it damn near impossible. Much had changed for me over 13 years abroad. America had changed and I dare say for the worst. So I had resolved myself to remaining a European. A German and American citizen to be exact.

Towards the last two years of Bush #2’s illustrious Presidential career (yeah, right) I learned about a young Senator named Barack Obama and together with several hundred thousand hopeful Europeans began following the course of this gentleman’s journey to the White House. In our view it was a second chance for America. In my view, it was another chance for me to be American. Sure, I’ve always been American on paper but had nothing I could relate with beyond family and friends. Now, was my chance! At least that’s what I chose to believe and still do to this day.

Being an Expatriate meant having had the chance to vote many weeks before the whole of the US nation. While casting my vote I had a deep, inner belief of the outcome which we all witnessed in November ’08. I had made preparations to move to California just weeks before the election and things went quite according to plans, almost.

America, though ready for a black President, didn’t seem as ready for me; a black guy from Germany. I had an awful time finding work which could be attributed to my poor timing. My talents and services were warmly welcomed however unaffordable to each establishment with whom I met. How could I know that the United States would fall in to such a major Recession at a time when I needed her security and more importantly, her money the most. And California was exceptionally hit hard compared to the rest of the nation. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for my limited funds to expire thus an urgent need to return to my beloved Germany quickly arose. I left beaten, broke but somehow still very optimistic. It was only then, when back on European soil, that I discovered this was not an American issue. It was a global one. My next plan was a simple one; Raise more capital and have another go at it.

A few weeks in to what I considered a “working vacation”, I got word of A REALLY GOODE JOB from someone near to me who worked for Kendall Jackson. While hanging out with Dave Ready Jr. he got wind of this great opportunity and since knowing my professional background, current strife and my longing to return to America, immediately told me to “get on it” and give it 100%. I’ve been doing that since I joined this crazy-hyped ride in early May.

It is quite simply my intention to be awarded the position of Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent, do a hell of a brilliant job, earn some money and finally have a respectable leg to stand on such that I may finally establish myself in America once again. I plan to build my own media business here, gear I seriously need to purchase, establish a credit rating, rent a decent flat and invite my big love to join me here to marry in Sonoma, assuming she’s not tired of all this already!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Thanks for reading.

Kamary Phillips, WCLC

“It’s All Goode”- The Murphy Goode Song

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The Goode Countdown Continues Overtime

Winding down.

For some it’s a sad time, particularly those that got completely caught up in the A REALLY GOODE JOB rush. It wasn’t difficult to let happen. I certainly had my moments. A classic Kamary, “Ok, need a break. Back in some hours or maybe tomorrow.” Yeah, right! I’d usually pop back up again with the next hour or so with some nonsense or other to Tweet about. I know, I’m not alone.

I for one am quite happy things are coming to a slow close because only then can we get on to the next phase of all this. DA TAP FIDDY. Or in regular old English terms, The Top Fifty. So, in case you forgot the swing of things;

Countdown dates:

  • June 19: Application period closes
  • June 26: Top 50 candidates chosen
  • July 7: Top 10 announced
  • July 14-18: Final interviews
  • July 21: Candidate selection announced
  • Aug. 15: Report to duty!

Of course I have no substantiating evidence or tangible facts supporting any such claim but I AM GOING TO MAKE DA TAP TIN. I know, at the risk of sounding cocky I say that, however I have seen a great many of the applicants clips and if staying 100% true to the original video requirements is indeed a requirement (including 1 minute or less!), many videos simple do not qualify. Based purely from a technical perspective, I should be in the Top 50. MANY videos don’t nor shouldn’t qualify, according to an MGtv independent poll. Please cast your opinion too!

One thing is certain, I’m happy (as should you be) I’m not the one doing the elimination part. Admittedly, I have several favorite videos and more than a few are well over 60 seconds. But if I were judging, all overtime videos (excluding my friends) would be the first to go. Like I said, be happy I’m not choosing. I wouldn’t even watch the others so I would never have to feel bad for deleting their raw awesomeness. Too bad they didn’t follow directions I’d say, and thus be able to sleep soundly at night. 🙂

It was a real challenge making my video statement in 60 seconds and I know many others feel the same way. So thinking about it like that, I for one hope that following directions is important in the final selection but there’s no way to know that until my ‘MGtv Embedded Reporter’ gets back to me. 🙂 You’ll be the second to know. So stay tuned in to Murphy Goode TV and see just how they do it. Exciting, eh?

Freelance WCLC