Congratulations To Hardy Wallace

So gang, it’s all over and what a strange trip it’s been! We’re all thrilled at Murphy-Goode’s decision to award Hardy Wallace with A REALLY GOODE JOB! And you should be too. He’s certainly the best person for the gig! Cheers Hardy!

I’ll be slowly creating some closure around this blog but first I need a few days away from all of this wonderfully unique madness. 🙂 I will be spending a few days in San Francisco getting to know a town I last saw back in 1996, so that’s what’s next on my own personal journey.

And for those of you not aware of it, several of the Top 10 candidates, including yours truly Kamary Phillips (me, silly) have been offered A REALLY AWESOME JOB and I dare say for my personal talents and strengths, a much better fit. So look forward to another amazing, exciting and groundbreaking marketing wave from Murphy-Goode Winery including the one and only Kamary Phillips!

And as for “I cannot believe any company would employ you for any public facing role.” as some winey guy named Erik put it… IN YOUR FACE! ‘Nuff said. First beer’s on me dude.

Hardy, you rock! We’re all proud of you. Cheers my friend.

Thanks for reading.
Kamary Phillips, Not the WCLC


From Rags To Riches – Too Goode To Be True

This latest post is particularly fun for me to share with you all. The title may be a bit misleading, however not from the sentiment. First, no I have not become rich suddenly, unless of course my Lottery ticket has hit and I don’t know it yet! However, I’m feeling rich in spirit and quite frankly, quite Goode about myself. Murphy Goode is certainly doing a lot to contribute to this.

Take for example, the reality of my current surroundings. Since coming back to the good old US of A 6 weeks ago or so, I’ve had the pleasure of staying in Los Alamitos. A very sunny and funny place compared to Amsterdam, Netherlands where I was just before arriving here in LosAl (as they call it).

los al

As you can see, it’s really quite near the ocean, just as Amsterdam, being a Harbor City, also borders a great body of water. However, there’s where the similarities end I must admit. 🙂


Before coming here I had made arrangements with my flat-mate to stay here 3 months, essentially June-August. I had no idea upon starting this journey, which I affectionalely call “The Couch Tour To Prosperity”, that I would actually be a serious candidate for Murphy Goode’s A Really Goode Job campaign. Had I not made the Top 50 cut, I’d have simply continued looking for work elsewhere knowing I would leave this flat by August’s end.

Given the current reality of my surroundings, I’m sure any of you that have ever been on a couch tour will certainly understand my exceptionally grateful attitude towards all that’s happening to me as of late, regardless of the final result. In my humble opinion, I’m already a big winner here and thank Goddess everyday. This is my life;

Here is where I live and this is the infamous lumpy couch for which I need to give great thanks and appreciation for, as without it I most certainly would not be in the Top 10 running for a job position which I genuinely believe was made for me and my artistic endeavors. If having had any modest choice in the matter, I’d have made it 1 foot longer.


Here to the left of the infamous lumpy couch you’ll see my makeshift Murphy Goode TV studio. It is against that wall that I’ve created a lot of content bits and bobs which can be found on MGtv and much I’ve yet to publish.


Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Sure, that’s where you sleep and that’s where you shoot but how ever do you produce the show? Well, that’s simple. When I left Europe I had to decide what was more important to me. Some reliable gear to get some work done or clothing. I chose the gear. Which is quite simple why I’m always wearing the same clothes, ha! If you know me, you know it’s true. Below is the heart of the production. A fairly simple Mac workstation with everything I need to produce Indie TV, Music, Websites, Live Streaming Broadcasts, DVDs and Recording Sessions. Pretty much all modern media anyone online maniac might need these days. It ain’t much but gets the job done. YES I AM FOR HIRE!


The number one thing I want from my position at Murphy Goode Winery as the first Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent is more and better gear. That’s how my business here in America can grow as I see it. Build it and the clients will come.

So, why am I so tickled about leaving tomorrow. Well, tomorrow though clearly work oriented, will be for me a holiday. Yes, it’s true. I’ll have a very welcomed 3 nights having some physical space and privacy and best of all… A BED! Ah, my back is having a spinal orgasm (whatever that is) as I type. The thought alone is pure bliss. Have a look for yourself.


Or perhaps this one is more to your liking?


Yes, living the Goode life courtesy of Murphy Goode Winery and The Healdsburg Inn which is part of the Four Sisters Inn collection of boutique inns.

It suffices to say, while the other 9 talented candidates are potentially nervous and stressing about the rather full schedule planned for us, I for one will be at ease doing what I do best and all the while longing for days end and and the chance that a wonderful Queen or King sized bed can join in holy bliss with my achy-breaky back. Ahhhh…

Thanks for reading.

Kamary Phillips, WCLC

“It’s All Goode”- The Murphy Goode Song –

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Murphy Goode TV Gets Put On The Spot

So this is what it must feel like for famous folks, huh? Smart and beautiful women wanting to ask you about things you’ve yet to fully understand yourself. Well alright, I could get used to this. INTRODUCING NANCY HUANG and her blog, The Wander
mgtv-wanderkind interview

Funny enough, I didn’t know Nancy was so lovely until after the fact, since it was a text-oriented-phoner and all. Great pleasure all around and I’m honored and flattered to have been asked. Danke Nancy! Visit her blog to learn more about the actual interview whereas I’ll be doing my own video take on it (as usual) during the week periodically.

The Wanderkind struck me as an interesting name since it’s quite n3402205_41039649_5926similar to a great German word I’ve always been partial to; WUNDERKIND. Such a cool word. So, I don’t know if she’s playing off that or not. She’s clever, so likely yes. Ask her!

This is my first official interview since the Murphy Goode Winery HR tracked me down back in May, before the real madness began. It’s a flattering pleasure to be asked on any level and certainly a thrill coming from such a purdy girl!

What I liked most about the experience, which really hasn’t kicked in yet since she’s publishing in a few days, were the types of questions she threw at me. You know, where you actually have to pull an Obama and say nothing for a long moment at first, to think about the right thing to say. You only get one shot most of the time to keep ’em interested.

In this short promo clip, you can get an idea where she’s coming from.

On her blog there will be all of the questions, a dozen or so. Again, some stuff you have to rack your brain a bit to answer. I appreciated the challenge. We both hope you appreciate our efforts and enjoy the result found primarily there and here at MGtv.

Thanks for reading.
Kamary Phillips, WCLC

“It’s All Goode”- The Murphy Goode Song –

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Patricks Not-So-Goode Idea May Be Fun

If your doctor told you drinking wine everyday was healthy and you already drank wine everyday, would you suddenly stop?

Ponder that for a moment while taking in a little more info.

As you know, unless of course you are from a parallel universe that’s an hour behind, it’s 2009. Okay, keep that in mind. Stay with me now.

Not that I’m some sort of bum, hobo, slacker or the like but I haven’t had a Jay Oh Bee since the early 90’s. dairyqueenMy first one was working at Dairy Queen in Colchester Vermont in the early 80’s. No idea if it’s still there or not. I even had a job title back then. LOSER. Oh yeah, that’s what they called me. Hey LOSER, do this. LOSER, do that!

Then and there began my aversion to formal job titles. Actually, I’m pretty darn sure there began my aversion to Jay Oh Bees all together. My last one, which ended in the early 90’s, was that of a school teacher. Then too was I adorned with a title suitable for my contributive role to society. Ahem…, TEACHER. Clearly, I’d made more than a lateral career move.

Since then (17 or so years), I’ve managed one way or another never to work FOR anyone again. My motto and credo was|is|and will be that of working WITH people. Call it what you want really. It’s a mindset. That’s essentially the sole and spirit of a Freelancer.

We’re that small % of the populous currently not really freaking out about the economy and all the jobs lost. That’s basically because we seldom have Jay Oh Bees to begin with. How many times have we heard coming up, “Why don’t you get a real job?” Man, if I had a real job for every time I’ve heard that comment, hell…I’d have health, life insurance AND a 401K (whatever the heck that is)!

Which leads me to the point of this post, dedicated to Patrick from Murphy Goode Winery who wants us Top 10 Candidates to create a new name for the position we’re after. It’s 2009, remember? And if it’s healthy to drink wine every day and you already do drink wine every day, why stop. Right? Well, this is the first time in almost 2 decades that I’ve wanted to work at a real company and the big irony is, it’s considered A REALLY GOODE JOB for x-mas sakes! Not only that, it’s a friggen title that I’ve already grown accustomed to and frankly been busting my ass to covet! And further more, when my mother says to me (and she will at some point) “Why don’t you get a real job?”, well we already know the appropriate response, RIGHT?!


See what I mean? It’s a great title. In fact, it’s awesome. Why in x-mas’ name Patrick, do you want to screw with perfection? Warum? Next to Pornstar and the President Of The United Emerates Of Where Ever They Come From, this is the only title I’ve wanted since I can remember. How could you deny me this? How? (said while fluttering my arms wildly)

Okay. I’m calm… I’m goode. No, really goode.

Thanks for reading. And thanks to Patrick for being a goode sport. And no worries, I’ll play ball. I’m a pro. 🙂

Kamary Phillips, POTUEOWTCF

The first Google search result for Dairy Queen.

“It’s All Goode”- The Murphy Goode Song –

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This Goode Classic Is Her Favorite Tune

If you’ve ever tuned in to the Murphy Goode TV blog (you’re here now silly rabbit) then you likely know that I, Lifestyle Correspondent Kamary Phillips, left my big love, our home in Hamburg Germany and marriage talks behind, in search of A REALLY GOODE JOB in Sonoma County, California. Somewhere I have never been before. And just like a situation from any modern day scripted reality TV series, it’s been an uphill and rocky road for our now long distance love affair ever since.

Despite new promises of a marriage in Sonoma should I actually land the position with the acclaimed Alexander Valley winery Murphy Goode ( and a myriad of weekly Skypings, it’s been no easy task calming a woman’s yearning for the man she loves and repairing the damage made by a sudden, career driven separation. Men suck. Yes, me too.

In this clip, I found myself wandering in a random pub near closing time somewhere in Southern California hankering for a tall, frothy pint of Murphy Goode wine. Ok, I lied. It was Newcastle. Anyway, I had the idea to sing her one of her favorite diddies since it happened to be karaoke night.

Was the gesture enough for another moment of happiness? Will she jump the next airbus over the pond and join her man-to-be? Will your karaoke exploits be welcome additions to future Murphy Goode TV episodes? Will I come up with any more exciting inquiries?

Tune the heck in and find out! Follow Murphy Goode TV and me @MurphyGoodeTV on Twitter.

Thanks for reading.
Kamary Phillips, WCLC

“It’s All Goode”- The Murphy Goode Song –

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If Not Me, Then One Of Them As Top 10

Oh well, I didn’t want to go out ‘like that’ either way but ending the A REALLY GOODE JOB campaign with a bang just didn’t seem to pop off as planned. 😦

Bad enough I was 2 hours late with editing and encoding (minor computer issues) but once I finally got it together YouTube went in to scheduled maintenance (and still is at post time), just as clip 3 from 3 was uploading. It was clear that 7 or 8 people had already started checking out the TOP 10 COUNTDOWN playlist but I’m sure they weren’t particularly pleased to be left hanging.

The point was, to experience my take on the Top 10 before the official results came in on Tuesday morning. As with the Top 50, a few of my picks had actually made it and that from over 1800 videos to choose from. Not bad.

So staying true to my word I will at least post my Top 10 picks right now and when you get a chance, watch the show. Though likely irrelevant when you get around to it. Nonetheless, it was a lot of work from everyone involved and a fine final edit from my end as well. I’m happy with it DESPITE getting Rocky Slaughter’s name wrong. He’s now immortalized as Rusty Slaughter. Ich depp! Almost a perfect production, though overtime.

Here are my pics in no particular order;

  • Taylor Eason #1016
  • Eric Hwang #537
  • Anna-Marie Abell #499
  • Kristina Vera-Phillips #467
  • Todd Havens #751
  • Natash Foy #747
  • Tanya Melillo #746
  • Casey Boshae #611
  • Rachel Reenstra #926
  • Paul Horne #1832

I widdled down my list of 23 to 10.  It was by no means easy going since everyone was totally awesome, however it had to be done.  Watch the MGtv episode to get the real gist of it all.  Meanwhile, here are a mess of stills from the show. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!
Kamary Phillips, WCLC

“It’s All Goode”- The Murphy Goode Song –

Buy This Song, $1 Proceeds go to the Artist.

Introducing “It’s All Goode” – The Murphy Goode Song

The last couple days I’ve been working on a track for my video platform, Murphy Goode TV and I thought the show needed a theme song. I asked many of you directly to read the lyrics and to give your feedback via polling, as to the style of the music. You did just that and once again, thanks to all who participated!

Here are the lyrics to this upbeat goode-time song, “It’s All Goode”.

“It’s All Goode”
©2009 PMG Music

Do Murphy Goode just like you should
And you’ll be feeling fine
From NYC to Hollywood
Get your party on tonight

I’m getting crazy with my friends (it’s all goode)
It’s summer time again, hot legs keep rollin in (it’s all goode)
Its always the right time for raising glasses high (it’s all goode)
Make a toast to good friends and good times (it’s all goode)

Do Murphy Goode just like you should
And you’ll be feeling fine
From NYC to Hollywood
Get your party on tonight

Living in a purple paradise (it’s all goode)
Now you got me in the mood to play liars dice (it’s all goode)
Wild Card fell on the floor (it’s all goode)
And like a Viking I want more (it’s all goode)
I need lovely maiden to come pour (it’s all goode)

It’s all good when you’re sippin’ Murphy Goode
From the suburbs to the hood
From the beaches to the woods
From restaurants to the clubs
From the bars to the pubs
On a date with your girl
On a cruise around the world

Do Murphy Goode just like you should
And you’ll be feeling fine
From NYC to Hollywood
Get your party on tonight

Here are the styles you chose from?

What’s your style preference. How should this song be when I finish?

And here is the finished result. You can hear a complete version of “IT’S ALL GOODE” and if you love it like I do, download a CD quality mp3 for only $1. Each purchase directly supports the artist and his journey to Healdsburg and beyond!


Stay tuned for more exciting developments from me and Murphy Goode TV as I make my way to Healdsburg for some TAP TIN action!

I’ll be reaching out to all the Goode music talent out there as I put together the *Murphy Goode Song Contest and compilation CD (A Really Goode Song), presented by Murphy Goode TV, which I plan to announce and launch in September and release in November accompanied by streaming performances live from Healdsburg on the A REALLY GOODE website. Meanwhile purchase and enjoy “It’s All Goode” and help finance my mission please! Play it LOUD!

That’s one of my plans and I’m sticking to it, so tune the heck in!

Kamary Phillips
Freelance WCLC