Black Market Wine Could Be Goode

In an effort to broaden my social horizons and at an attempt to widen MGtv’s viewership as well as transporting the Murphy Goode brand to yet a new, diverse audience for both parties, I’ve lightly tip toed into the dark side. No, I’m not worshiping the Devil of Wine, however flirting within the virtual atmosphere of Black Planet social network.

Murphy Goode TV Crosses Colour Lines

Murphy Goode TV Crosses Colour Lines

Since starting Murphy Goode TV as part of the now renown A REALLY GOODE JOB campaign, I have gathered hundreds of friends and followers, spread over a variety of social network platforms, fifteen (15) to be exact. I’ll outline those in a later post.

Of the many MGtv sites now in existence I must admit that one of the most exciting is BlackPlanet. Not necessarily due to any actual user experience, as I find the coding infrastructure far more inferior to that of similar social networks such as Facebook or Myspace; it’s bulky and slow but improving all the time. No, it’s exciting because of the untapped element of potential Murphy Goode Wine drinkers and the lack of wine culture throughout the black community in general. When polling 10 random black folks in Long Beach as to their favorite wines, 3 didn’t drink wine (just coolers), 5 liked Gallo and 2 Sutter. Yes, there’s work to be done. 🙂

Myself included, black folks over the decades have often associated wine with ‘uppity-yuppity whiteys’ and regardless of the colour of your skin, you’ll have to agree that media has more times than not portrayed it as such. For decades the black community was little portrayed in mainstream media as it were and far fewer times seen drinking classy wine. On the contrary, the image of the wine-o on the corner with cheap wine in a paper bag is what we were slated to be. It’s no wonder that the beverage has yet to penetrate this market to any major degree. As a Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent I see clearly how I might contribute to broadening many black consumers’ old attitudes towards modern day wine culture.

That’s one of my plans and I’m sticking to it.
Kamary Phillips, WCLC

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