Congratulations To Hardy Wallace

So gang, it’s all over and what a strange trip it’s been! We’re all thrilled at Murphy-Goode’s decision to award Hardy Wallace with A REALLY GOODE JOB! And you should be too. He’s certainly the best person for the gig! Cheers Hardy!

I’ll be slowly creating some closure around this blog but first I need a few days away from all of this wonderfully unique madness. 🙂 I will be spending a few days in San Francisco getting to know a town I last saw back in 1996, so that’s what’s next on my own personal journey.

And for those of you not aware of it, several of the Top 10 candidates, including yours truly Kamary Phillips (me, silly) have been offered A REALLY AWESOME JOB and I dare say for my personal talents and strengths, a much better fit. So look forward to another amazing, exciting and groundbreaking marketing wave from Murphy-Goode Winery including the one and only Kamary Phillips!

And as for “I cannot believe any company would employ you for any public facing role.” as some winey guy named Erik put it… IN YOUR FACE! ‘Nuff said. First beer’s on me dude.

Hardy, you rock! We’re all proud of you. Cheers my friend.

Thanks for reading.
Kamary Phillips, Not the WCLC