Now For Something Totally Different

I had mentioned in a few viral environments that I wanted to take a break from the world of Murphy Goode today as I simply felt like I needed time away from my computer.

Well, that lasted all but a few hours and will continue after this posting. 🙂 I’ll split it into something very personal (in a public sort of way) and another clip relevant to the MG Compaign. A clip I really dig.

First some late night music creation. It’s the kind of song lyrically intended for all those in a relationship and managing it through all sorts of weather. Mine, personally, is rocky at present and this Murphy Goode ride isn’t always so good truth me told. Such is life and nothing that a little success can’t remedy. That, I’m certain about. Now, introducing “Try”.

Thanks for listening and hopefully the message is abundantly clear. Especially to my girlfriend. Don’t bail.

Next up, a great clip from another talented Murphy Goode’s “A Really Good Job” hopeful (like me and over 1000 others) and beautiful woman that frankly, I only know as @TashiCake (wonder what that means). Great clip, super theme, groovy blog.

I’ll save my cork response for the next MGtv show perhaps. Tune the hell in and find out!

Kamary Phillips
Freelance WCLC

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